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Monday, August 10, 2009

DESIRE! The fire from within!

Desire is the Fire, the Fuel of Goal Achievement!

When you have a burning desire for something, you will take the necessary action steps to see that you will achieve it. A burning desire will see you move through, over and around the obstacles that might otherwise stand in your way. Desire propels you forward towards that which you desire most. The more intensely you desire your goals the more likely you are to take action and do something about them.

Those who pursue goals with low levels of desire always find the path to the achievement of their goals a battle. They struggle to get themselves to take action and instead engage in sabotaging behavior such as procrastination, delay, and paper shuffling. A low level of desire rarely manifests itself into high levels of goal achievement.

Some people are consumed by an almighty dream or goal that leads them to high levels of desire. This burning desire manifests itself into single mindedness and focus on a specific purpose. Strong desire leads people to develop a sense of mission or purpose in life. The result can be difficulty sleeping nights as your desire for your goals keeps you constantly creating new ways of moving forward.

In my own life I developed a burning desire to become a social entrepreneur. The desire to make a difference in the lives of others led me to develop a sense of mission to move towards my goal of impacting one million people. Even though at the time I was working more than 60 hours per weekin my martial arts school, my strong desire drove me to get out of bed at 4:30 in the morning to work on my goals.

In time this overwhelming desire moved me to the point where I could work less at my job (just making a school run) and spend more time on my goals. A Burning desire is the key to getting your goals. So a burning desire is one of the essential keys to getting your goals. Without it your goals may remain elusive and out of reach. With a burning desire your goals become real as you move towards them.

The intensity of your desire will determine the tenacity and drive you have to achieve your goals. The more you can do to build your desire the greater the likely hood of successfully achieving your goals. To build your desire for your goals you should spend time getting fully associated with your reasons WHY! If you can build a huge compelling list of reasons WHY you must achieve your goals then it is likely that your desire levels will rise.

If you have poor reasons why you wish to achieve your goals then it is hard to imagine your desire levels will be strong enough to demand that you take positive steps forward. Build your desire & achieve your goals. If desire is the fuel of goal achievement then it makes sense that the more you build your desire the greater your chance of success. So what can you do to build your desire?

It starts with a focus on WHY you want to achieve your goals. Work on building your list of reasons WHY first. As you focus on the benefits of achieving your goals your desire will naturally rise. Do everything you can to fan the flames of desire. Get images of your goalsand put them everywhere. Do everything you can to reinforce to yourself howstrongly you want to achieve your goals. Fan the flames of desire and watch it propel you towards your goals!

(Thank you Sifu Charles Chi)

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At September 30, 2009 at 4:16 AM , Blogger karim said...

Good one on goal achievement and it helps a lot.

Karim - Mind Power


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