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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting Ready for 2011 ! Setting up for Success!

Hello this is Anthony J. Pasquale from The Mindful Wealth Group and Danvers Martial Arts Center. 
I mention the martial arts because like the martial arts I am always studying what is Success. I have been studying martial arts for over 22 years. I often wonder if martial arts is what gave me that edge to want to do more with my life. I have been thinking about this blog and trying something very interesting.

If you are like me of course you want more out of life. I bet that in your mind you have that picture of the perfect lifestyle? Well what if we did this together. That's right! A study of Success, everyday doing something towards that life you have always wanted.

So I am going to do a blog series for the next year on Success.

What is Success?

What does someone need to become successful?

What makes one person strive to succeed and another person give up?

What do I really believe about success, Do I have what it takes?

How do I start and reach my success?

I have studied the best of the best trying to find that common denominator that makes the difference. Here are some of the points that have made a great difference in my life and why I get to have the lifestyle that I have now.

Let's face it - everybody wants to be successful, everybody wants
to achieve their goals and live their dreams.

But not everybody is successful. Why is that?

Not everybody achieves their goals and not everybody gets to live
their dreams.

So why do so few succeed?

Scientists, researchers and academics have been studying this question for decades and the conclusion they all reach is that those who succeed follow a simple formula. Those who fail - don't follow the same formula, and prefer to work with their own, unproven formula because they feel they just know better or maybe they are afraid of trying something new. I would ever venture to say that some are afraid of success.

One of the biggest questions becomes " Are we afraid of success or maybe it's failure? " I ask this because our first response is "NO! I want success, I want to be successful! I want to be Happy, I want to be in Love" and this maybe true BUT your subconscious might say differently. So we are going to have to understand how the Mind works and where does the Mind get it's information to answer this question. So I am going to find  some professionals to help answer this question.

I look forward from hearing from you, and let's take this journey together.

Anthony Pasquale

AJP Enterprise
A Mindful Wealth Group
United Martial Arts Center
Osanna Seminars

"Live with Purpose and Passion Everyday" !

"It's remarkable, how much mediocrity we live with, surrounding ourselves with daily reminders that the average is acceptable. Our world suffers from terminal normality. Take a moment to access all the things around you that encourage you to remain "average". These are the things that keep you powerless, unable to go beyond a limit you have arbitrarily set for yourself."



At December 14, 2010 at 5:40 PM , Blogger LisaP said...

Hello AP...stopping by your to be empowered!!
As a social worker and being in the helping field, I see it all the time....fear of change and not having the self worth to expect better for your life! Sometimes as I struggle financially, I get into small pockets of "poor me" and need to dig deep and find that strength to make the changes. It feels good to be a woman with integrity, good work ethic and enough respect for myself to know I deserve wealth in my matter in what form, I always try to recognize it and be thankful.

thank you for being such a positive person that always wants to see people be successful and most important being a friend :)

At December 15, 2010 at 3:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job. Keep up the good work!

At December 15, 2010 at 3:09 PM , Blogger apasquale said...

Thank you Lisa for reading, I agree that we must watch what we are thinking so we don't fall into those "pockets". Keeping your Vision in the fore front the mind helps me stay focused. Stay the Course. AJP


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