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Friday, September 11, 2009

BECOME WITHIN! It's the little steps that count.

"Success and failure comes in pairs. Either you have a pair of aces called 'Resolve and Undenied'... or a pair of jokers called 'Wishing and Won't-ing'... your hand to play." -- Doug Firebaugh

I would like to briefly talk about how you can BECOME MORE in your life.

This is a mental technique you can use immediately to begin to 'tap into' that incredible inner power you all have within you, but many of you haven't yet used.

Those of us who have a 'hunger' to improve our lives, become the person we want to be, have all the things we want to have, and do what we want to do for the rest of our lives seem to have a problem 'opening that door' that puts it all together for us.

If you went for a swim from the shore of a lake to a diving raft located about 50 yards out from the shore what would happen if you stopped in the middle 25 yards from the shore and 25 yards from the raft?

You would be 'treading water. You're afloat and you're comfortable, but you aren't going any where.

You're not making any progress. Too often in our lives it seems we are 'treading water.' And usually it is a result of us BEING what we are USED TO BEING, and no more than that.

Most people operate on 7%-15% of the power of their mind. This is normal, so don't freak out. We tend to get into an 'auto-pilot' stage of life and we aren't necessarily going backward, but we aren't going forward either. We all WANT to go forward as this natural human desire, but the 'pull' of daily life keeps us in this 'treading water' mode.

So how do we stop treading water and move forward to get where we want to go?

Why not 'consciously decide' in your heart and mind that you are going to BECOME MORE than what you are used to 'being?' When you go to work or school tomorrow say to yourself "I'm going to BECOME MORE today than I am used to being each day." Then have confidence in your talents and abilities and creativity and DO a little extra than what you are normally used to doing.

Consciously search for little things that you could do that you normally don't, or won't, do.

Whether it's a small action you could take at work/school, or a compliment you could pay to a co-worker or boss, or some type of extra help you could give to someone, when you decide you are going to BECOME MORE than what you usually are, you begin to 'tap into' a portion of that other 85% of your mind power you aren't using.

Your empathy and compassion for others begins to increase.

Your awareness of your own abilities and talents begins to increase.

Your self-respect begins to increase.

Your awareness of your inner power begins to increase.

Your outlook and attitude of the immediate world around you that you live in begins to change.

Your 'wisdom' about life begins to increase.

You don't have to make 'major' changes about how you go about living your daily life to BECOME MORE. But you do need to begin to make 'small' changes. When you decide to make 'small' changes they add up over a short period of time and end up resulting in 'major' changes in your life.

It's like throwing a couple quarters in a jar daily. After a short period of time you end up having a significant amount of money saved up.

Why not 'consciously decide' to BECOME MORE than what you're normally used to being just a little each day and enjoy a significant increase in the quality of your life? By deciding in your mind to BECOME MORE a little each day you will be 'tapping into' that other 85% of your unused inner power and good things will begin to appear in your life.

You will become more abundant and prosperous. You will begin to be happier. You will find more peace and joy. Your relationships with others will be more fulfilling. Your self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence will increase. Opportunities that were previously 'hidden' from you will become more 'clear.' Your physical health will be much better. Worry and doubt will begin to disappear.

You will become closer to attaining your goals and having your desires in life. So when you leave your home tomorrow tell yourself you are going to BECOME MORE today than you were yesterday. REMEMBER THOSE 2 WORDS and say them to yourself as many times as you can throughout your day tomorrow.

Then make it a habit to search for ways you can BECOME MORE each and every day of your life and you will 'tap into' into the incredible unused inner power that lies within each and every one of you...

Thanks Sifu Charles Chi

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"It's remarkable, how much mediocrity we live with, surrounding ourselves with daily reminders that the average is acceptable. Our world suffers from terminal normality. Take a moment to access all the things around you that encourage you to remain "average". These are the things that keep you powerless, unable to go beyond a limit you have arbitrarily set for yourself."

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